The blockbuster trade is one of the more enticing stories in sports. While it seems to happen in the NBA once every few seasons, rarely do we ever see trades in the NFL, let alone for legit stars. In an attempt to add some life to the one of the quietest times of the NFL season, I came up with three blockbuster deals that while they may seem crazy, aren’t out of the realm of possibility.

1. San Francisco 49ers trade DT Arik Armstead, 2018 1st, 2018 3rd & 2019 2nd to the Washington Redskins for QB Kirk Cousins

Before you tell me the 49ers would never give up that much, Jared Goff cost two first rounders, two second rounders and two third rounders, so stop that. San Fran has a ton of cap space and Kyle Shanahan knows he wants Cousins. The Redskins have completely destroyed their relationship with the QB and might as well just get what they can and move on.

Armstead is a freak athlete, who hasn’t put it all together yet. Next to Jonathan Allen, Armstead could bolster a glaring weakness for Washington. The package of picks would allow Washington to choose their QB of the future with ammunition to move up as they please.

In my honest opinion. Kirk Cousins is a good QB. Give me the proof over the projection all day and tomorrow. The 49ers wouldn’t immediately turn into a playoff team, but they could return to being taken seriously.

2. Seattle Seahawks trade CB Richard Sherman & 2018 4th to the Philadelphia Eagles for C Jason Kelce, WR Jordan Matthews & 2018 3rd

Spicy. Sherman is a locked and loaded top-5 CB but the question is, how much does his system help? I felt similarly about Josh Norman when he went to Washington, but he definitely shut me up. Sherman would likely do the same, continuing to use his grudges as motivation in Jim Schwartz aggressive scheme.

Seattle shockingly made Sherman available this offseason, otherwise I never could imagine them parting ways with 25.  Matthews would be a solid fit, while Kelce could help the teams biggest weakness. The move up into the third would also be a nice plus.

3. Kansas City Chiefs trade Alex Smith to the Jacksonville Jaguars for 2018 1st, 2018 3rd & 2019 3rd

The Jags seriously are a QB away from legit playoff contention. I know Alex Smith isn’t polarizing, but he’s clearly one of the best 25 QB’s on the planet. With the Jags shifting to a ground and pound offense, Smith could wind up as a tremendous fit. I like Blake Bortles, he’s probably a really cool dude, but he is holding back that team.

Mahomes isn’t close to ready, yet trading Smith is tempting. Continuing to improve the roster is something Andy Reid and John Dorsey have succeeded in doing, so extra ammo would likely loom large. They can either go through the growing pains with Mahomes and get a haul of draft picks or they can go 10-6 and lose in the divisional round to the Pats. Reality.